20-05-03 | Benefice Communion

5 Replies to “20-05-03 | Benefice Communion”

  1. Sheila Hague

    Thank you Nic and Jill, and all involved, in such a meaningful service this morning – much appreciated.

  2. Cheryl

    Thank you Nic, Jill, Elizabeth, Adam and Jacqui and the tech team for a lovely service this morning. Lovely to see and hear you all!!

  3. Stephen Hart

    A good and thoughtful service presented by Nic and Jill. Thanks to all for joining in with this service, which was very well co-ordinated by Tony in the backroom !
    Best wishes, Stephen

  4. Martin SIMMONDS

    Thank you and all your helpers for such inspiring services and especially NICK for your so relevant sermon today .As we are both well over 70 We are very restricted. We do have a large family but all too far to visit .We now do a family weekly Quiz and weekly painting competition .It looks like we will not be in church for some time so please continue these home services .Kindest Regards Martin Simmonds

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