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  1. Nic…Thank you for this creative act of Worship as a way of remembering VE day in Europe,
    with such appropriate choices of readings, words and music, which I know have been carefully edited by you Adrian !
    Many thanks to you both,

  2. Thank you Nic for an imaginative commemoration and the blessing was truly inspirational.

  3. Thank you Nic for this thoughtful act of remembrance for VE75.

    And for the reminder that God wants to know us, runs towards us, and and is for us as we embrace his sacrifice in Jesus’s death and resurrection celebrated recently at Easter.

  4. Only today have I managed to view this service, many thanks Nic and very MEANINGFUL to me! The reason being, about this time, as a young boy I together with my sister and parents were in the process of being repatriated back to the UK, from Germany. (A long story indeed!) Many thanks again.

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