20-05-10 | Sunday Worship (Westerlys)

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  1. Nic Stuchfield

    Really lovely service, everyone. I felt that the prayers were especially powerful and beautifully put together. Thank you so much. Nic & Jill

  2. Sue Cowling

    Thank you so much – great worship time alone but together. God is using this time to do something wonderful. God bless all involved in making it happen.

  3. Stephen Hart

    What can I say ? I’m lost for words here by the message that all of this conveys ….The togetherness in the your group which has prepared and delivered this act of worship is so evident here. This brings a joyful and creative act of worship to us today from your homes and on screen.
    Many thanks to you all. I give it 20/10 !

    • Annie Reive

      Wonderful . Such a strong message so beautifully conveyed. Was a little tearful at the ending seeing so many countries playing and singing so joyfully together. Happy tears though…..(.there can be such a thing can’t there.) For someone living alone there was such a feeling of togetherness. Thank you.

  4. Sheila Hart

    What a fantastic act of worship! Who says the Holy Spirit can only be felt in traditional buildings? The presence of the Spirit could be felt in your worship from the first to the last words and it drew me into to the worship in way I have not felt in a long time.
    We really need to reflect on how we ‘do’ worship when the lockdown is ended. Thank you all for a wonderful experience of our trinitarian God this morning. Please do it again sometime.

  5. Jacqui Studd

    That was amazing! Thank you all for such a beautiful service so well put together and delivered, with such a strong, uplifting message. I certainly had the feeling of togetherness in worship despite not being in church, and what a joy to have God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit coming into my home. Hosanna! I have to confess to waving goodbye to all the Hosanna singers at the end too.

  6. Celia King

    Thank you Westerlies, I was there with you in the worship. Every bit was held together beautifully by the workings of The Holy Spirit.In our isolation it was good to be taken around the world.Thank you everyone I could join you in Worship this morning. What a great God we have, who is worthy to be praised.Celia

  7. Marjorie Gibbs

    A wonderful, worshipful service. It came together so well, lots of different people with varied contributions (well done to the editor!), but all being moulded into the worship and giving a strong feeling of unity in the Spirit and togetherness.
    How did you find that wonderful version of Hosanna??!

  8. Pam and Phil

    Well done Westerlies for a really lively and uplifting time of worship yesterday…and the missionaries who ‘happened’ to be in lock down in Rendham with Katie and Geoffrey for their contribution too. What a privilege to hear something of their Christian journey.
    We join with others to say how much we enjoyed the worldwide ‘Hosanna’ giving us a sense of being part of God’s whole world. Thank you!!!

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