20-05-17 | Sunday Worship

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  1. Jenny Harrison

    Thank you very much. So lovely to be inside the church building again. Miss it so much, but on the other hand, I praise God that so many more people are worshipping as a result of online services. God bless and love to all my church family. 🙏❤️

  2. Jack Hague

    Well done again Stephen! We are reminded in a beautiful reflective theme that God is in indeed our loving God and shepherd who leads us through the pastures of life. Plenty for thought and much prayer. Alleluia!

  3. Annie Reive

    Thanks again Stephen.The powerful and beautifully different music said so much to me. Food for thought throughout .

  4. Jacqui Studd

    Stephen, thank you! So much to reflect on as ever, to be encouraged by and the choice of music so pertinent and uplifting. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing My Life is in Your Hands was joyous.Thank you!

  5. Viv Wills-Crisp

    Thank you Stephen. And so lovely to see the church interior; inspired idea. Beautiful song at the end with a wonderful setting and arrangement. Very well led too!

  6. Marjorie Gibbs

    A lovely, thoughtful service with some joyous music. I really enjoyed being inside St John’s again, too – it felt like being back home again after a long time away.

    • Stephen Hart

      Thank you Marjorie …This virtual return was inspired by Lennart who edited the whole video.
      I was quite taken aback when i saw this, but also very moved to see the the “walk through” for the first song and all the other parts of the Service, and then to see the font and the Tower as we departed.
      Thanks again, Stephen

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