Worship on Trinity Sunday

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  1. Sheila

    Thank you all for such a wonderful and moving service – brought me to tears! The talk, prayers, hymns etc were all so appropriate for this Special Trinity Sunday and what can I say about the Westerly Singers – a talent found….! Bless you ALL

  2. Nic Stuchfield

    What a delightful service of worship! You really gave a great sense throughout of the Trinity. It was beautifully and very creatively put together. Very inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Stephen Hart

    Another beautiful service with a serenity and calm about it, yet which moves us on to understand and work with the scriptures for today, and with appropriate music. And nice to hear the Westerleys singing group too ! Are you taking bookings ?
    Have a blessed day all who watch this !

  4. Lindsey Bickers

    I have just been so moved by such an uplifting service……..Thank you to each one of you for your contributions to this service, it was beautifully and seamlessly put together…..well done Adrian!

    The song choices were perfect, the prayers sensitively done, the talk most helpful and it was lovely to see all your faces.

    Praise & Glory be to our Trinitarian God!

  5. Jack Hague

    Another GREAT and MOVING service, the WORD, the message and music combining to remind us what a loving and faithful GOD we have who will take us through this storm to wonderful pastures on the other side! Father, Son and Holy Spirit are with us ALWAYS, Amen.

    Thank you Westerleys’ for all your contributions, and Adrian for his technology prowess!

  6. Jacqui Studd

    What an wonderful, uplifting and joyful service, so well put together, so well delivered with a great choice of hymns to mark Trinity Sunday. A big thank you to each of you and hope the Westerly singers are a regular feature! xx

  7. Tony Gibbs

    Thank you very much brothers and sisters for leading an inspiring service this Trinity Sunday.

    Blessings on you and all who worship our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  8. Olive Warren

    Thank you so much Westerlys, what an inspiring and uplifting experience, and yet with such a sense of peace and assurance. Thank you all, but especially for the beautiful way the service was presented.

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