Service of the Word (June 14)

7 Replies to “Service of the Word (June 14)”

  1. Annie Reive

    Thank you again Steohen. Lovely prayers and music choices. Also I enjoyed shots of the church and great ones of our town. Hope came through.

  2. Celia King

    Thank you for leading our worship today, music taking me to places new & old favourites too. It would be good to know the readers as I didn’t recognise the voices, very well read. Good to have a tour to all the Churches in the Benefice & to see inside St. John’s. Thank you Di for the prayers you took us to all the right places at this time. I feel that I am not alone, but joined with all the family now & those we love who have gone before.

  3. Olive Warren

    Thank you Stephen, a lovely service sharing the Peace and Love of God with all who connect with this site, not just Church Members. Thank you to all who took part, it was so uplifting.

  4. Marjorie Gibbs

    Thank you, Stephen: a very thoughtful service with some lovely music. I enjoyed seeing the different church buildings and the streets of Saxmundham, too.

  5. Stephen Hart

    Thank you for your affirming comments. The Readers were Sue Cowling, and Adam Millington from Kelsale, who both did well. Glad you felt included in the service !

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