21st June – Sunday Eucharist from Kelsale

4 Replies to “21st June – Sunday Eucharist from Kelsale”

  1. Martin Simmonds

    Dear Nic and assistants thank you for an inspiring service again .Thank you also for taking the service for my mother in law so well at the Crematorium. Kindest Regards from us both Martin and Liz

  2. Sheila Hart

    Thank you Elizabeth, Nic and Jill for a really authentic formal Eucharist service from Kelsale Church this morning. Thank you, too, Nic, for an excellent and relevant sermon based on the story of Abraham and Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael. It was honest and over-arching of the past and the present attitudes to diversity of race, gender, creed and other devisive issues and challenged the hearers to examine their own view of difference in the light of the all-embracing love and salvation of God. May our Lord help us to respond positively to the challenge He has set before us in our present age and in the situations we face day by. I shall look forward to joining you this evening for a greater in-depth study and discussion of the passage.

  3. Fran Raven

    Thank you all for this morning – as always lovely to see and hear familiar faces and voices and very thought provoking message

  4. Tony Gibbs

    Thank Elisabeth, Nic and team for an inspiring and thought-provoking service. May God richly bless you and all our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in Saxmundham with Kelsale cum Carlton Benefice and throughout the world.

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