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  1. Thank you Marjorie and Nic for another very well delivered and uplifting service. So good to know that our affirming, awesome and abiding God is with us as we face an uncertain future. I wasn’t able to go to church today so this was perfect. Thanks too to Rob, Sue and Tony and Adrian for putting together so well. Thanks all.

  2. Thank you very much everyone for today’s service.

    It was great to hear from our Genesis passage brought to us by Nic that:
    * Our God is an Affirming God.
    * Our God is an Awesome God.
    * Our God is an Abiding God.

    I think that it is interesting that Bethel (House of God) in the Genesis passage is in the open and without walls.


    PS: If you want to see an electrical Jacob’s Ladder video, then here is one

  3. Thank you Margery and Nic, and to all who were involved in this service bringing the word and the communion into our homes on another Sunday morning, thus enabling us to find our connection with God once again through this act of Worship.

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