Benefice Worship: 2nd August

3 Replies to “Benefice Worship: 2nd August”

  1. Jack Hague

    HOW GREAT THOU ART! Indeed how GREAT is GOD’S love for each and everyone of us! HE is our strength when we are weak and walks beside us through every valley and over every mountain on our road to our final destination with HIM for ETERNITY! What a wonderful GOD we serve, Amen!

  2. Jacqui Studd

    Excellent, thanks very much to the Men’s Group for a really uplifting service. Well delivered, great hymns and prayers, powerful testimony from Roger and really enjoyed Jason and Nic’s unpacking the word and the message of wrestling/striving with rather than against God. As a sports fan, I also enjoyed the linking of the reading and theme with sport! Thanks to everyone involved. Although sorry Joel about the result yesterday. x

  3. Marjorie Gibbs

    That was a most uplifting service, and I agree totally with Jacqui’s comments. Thanks very much to all who were involved!

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