About Us

So – what is… or who are… St.Johns?

In brief, we’ll say up-front that St’John’s isn’t about being religious.
It is about helping every man, woman and child find their own connection with God, regardless of their past experiences. We believe that God is alive and well and passionately interested in forming friendships… not just with us… but also with you! Our experience is that God lives amongst us; sustaining, supporting and coaching us through all of life’s experiences – He’s there for us particularly in those hard times.
Is this real? Well, yes, but you’ll need to taste and see for yourself. Come and visit the people at St.Johns when we have our regular Sunday Services. The very least you’ll get is a free coffee and biscuit… but you may find much, much more.

If you care to browse around this site you should get a sense of what the actual St.John’s in Saxmundham is up-to. You can navigate by the various menus, or, if you prefer, the “Site Map” will list every page and post that is available.