April PCC Agenda


  1. Opening worship
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. To agree ways of conducting shorter meetings
    Proposals: meeting monthly, many reports to be only quarterly, reporting by exception.
  4. PCC trustees to receive verbal report from chair of At the Crossroads management committee
    Proposal: decide whether the PCC require that the full purposes of At the Crossroads be discussed with SCDC and a change of use application made if necessary. See Minutes of PCC meeting of 19 February. Item 4.
  5. To correct and accept minutes of meeting of PCC on 12 March 18
  6. To discuss matters arising from minutes of PCC meetings on 19 February and 12 March
    19 February
    a.     Use of the Church Building. Item 5e. Proposal: preparing the church for non-church events and returning it to regular use should, in the absence of volunteers, be allocated to PCC members on a rota basis.
    b.     Policies. Item 5f. Proposal: Fran Raven (if willing) coordinate policies such that they be reviewed at PCC meetings across the year rather than in one go.
    c.     Website. Item 5g. Proposal: PCC familiarise themselves with the revised St John’s website and promote its use.
    d.     CAP. Item 7d. Proposal: PCC note that sufficient funds to cover the costs of training Kirsty Christmas as CAP Rural Debt Centre Manager have been received or promised and that she has been told to book herself for that training.
    e.     Parish Giving Scheme. Item 7e. Proposal: PCC adopt the Parish Giving Scheme.
    f.      Swift Boxes Item 8. Proposal: Churchwardens ensure that any necessary permissions have been obtained for swift boxes.
    12 March
    g.     Data Compliance Regulations. Item 1. Proposal: with her agreement, Fran Raven be invited to take on role of Data Compliance Officer and create and implement the necessary policy.
    h.     Youth and Community Worker. Item 2. Proposal: Kirsty be on the distribution for agendas and meetings and be invited to provide a written update for each PCC meeting or, exceptionally a succinct verbal report, her attending PCC meetings not normally being the best use of the hours for which we pay her.
  7. To receive written update on Safeguarding
  8. To note that the PCC Health and Safety requires that the subject be on the agenda of every PCC meeting
  9. To note or act on PCC Correspondence
  10. To receive Churchwardens’ Report
  11. To receive Treasurer’s Report
    Including Holiday Club income and expenditure and to note Standing Committee of approval of £100 grant towards costs of Transition booklet for those leaving Saxmundham Primary School this year.
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