April Fool?

You may well have had April Fools’ day pranks played on you during your time at school. I certainly remember trying to rub out a pencil entry in an exercise book only to find that someone had managed to squirt some ink into a crack in the eraser. Practical jokes, elaborate hoaxes, those worked by individuals, those worked by the media, they’ve all had their moments. But I do wonder whether they’ve done much to build up trust and a sense of love between people. Oddly, Easter Sunday, the day when we remember Jesus rising from the dead, has fallen on April the first this year. Some would view belief in that resurrection as foolishness but which is the greater foolishness, to discount something which could bring you the assurance of eternal life, or to embrace the possibility that it is true, explore it and risk discovering something that will change your life? Risk being a fool this April, speak to a Christian friend, perhaps come to a church. You may well see April fools in a very different light in years to come.

Rev’d Andy Wolton

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