Controls and Recruitment Due Diligence Procedures which apply where the Limit of Indemnity is £25,000.

  1. Recruitment Due Diligence
    You shall use due diligence in the selection of Officials engaged on or after the original inception date of this Section, including requesting confirmation that they have no history of fraud or dishonesty, the response of which must be documented. Cover will not be provided in respect of Officials with a known history of fraud or dishonesty.
  2. Money Received and Banking
    a. Any Officials who receives or collects Money and/or Cheques in the course of their duties away from Your premises will be required to remit them to You at least fortnightly.
    b. All Money and Cheques received by Officials at Your premises, including that remitted in 2.a. above, will be banked at least monthly, or within a week where the value of Money and Cheques at any time collectively exceeds £500.
  3. Cheque Payments and Funds Transfers
    a. Cheques will only be signed after they have been fully completed.
    b. Cheques and other Written Instructions for amounts in excess of £10,000 will be signed by at least two authorised signatories who will examine the supporting documentation prior to signing the Cheque or other Written Instruction.
    c. Funds transfers using Electronic Instructions for amounts in excess of £1,000 will have dual controls whereby no one Official can input, verify and also approve the transaction.
    d. Your bank or other financial institution authenticates Written Instructions, Telephone Instructions and Facsimile Instructions to someone other than the initiator of the request before payment is released.
  4. Dual Controls
    Duties are segregated so that no one Official can:
    a. order, receive and authorise payments for goods, machinery, materials, equipment or services valued at £1,000 or more.
    b. award contracts of a value in excess of £5,000.
  5. Bank Accounts
    Your bank accounts(s) are reconciled at least quarterly by a person who is independent of the day to day banking activities.

Trinitas Church Insurance Services have highlighted that they will not be liable to pay any claim under the Officials’ Dishonesty Section of the Insurance Policy if St John’s Parish Church Council have not complied with and operated any one or more of the following which is material to any part of that claim.

Charity Registration Number 1171576.

Approved by the PCC on: – 19th February 2018
Date of review: – February 2019

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