At the west end, near the entrance (symbolising our entry, through Baptism into the family of the Church) is the octagonal font, where Saxmundham babes have been baptised for 600 years. This is a typical East Anglian design with its original octagonal panelled bowl carved with lions interspersed with angels holding shields on which are displayed the instruments of the Passion (East), the Cross (South), the emblem of the Trinity (West) and the three crowns of St Edmund’s kingdom of East Anglia (North).Around the pedestal, which has been re-cut, are placed carved figures of woodewoses (wild hairy men with clubs) alternating with lions sitting up on their haunches and facing outwards. Between the top of the pedestal and the bowl are two sets of carvings; on the sloping underside of the bowl are angels with outstretched wings, and, round the top of the pedestal are flower blossoms.

The oak font cover (given in 1873) was crowned with a carving of St John the Baptist – now sadly missing.

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