Until the introduction of our colourful, comfortable and versatile chairs in 2016 the nave and aisles were equipped with benches of New Zealand Kauri pine (of which a few remain at the sides), installed in 1873 to replace the old box pews which were so tall that it was said that many folk using them could neither see nor be seen. When the benches were removed the timber floor of the Nave and Aisles was levelled providing a flexible and accessible interior. Gas convector heaters were also installed to provide an effective heating system.

We will gladly forgive you for lying flat on your back on the chairs in order to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of the 15th century single hammerbeam and arch-braced collar-beam roof which crowns the nave. Birkin Haward considered this to be an early example, maybe c.1420. The wall-posts rest upon little carved angel corbels, which are original, as are most of the crenellated hammerbeams which jut out into the nave. Between c.1825 and 1932, this splendid piece of craftsmanship was hidden by a plaster ceiling, with only ‘the ends’ of the roof visible, according to an author in 1855. The removal of the ceiling in 1932 revealed that many of the timbers were decayed and these were faithfully replaced ‘like for like’ The ancient woodwork being a lighter colour and less brown than the 1932 replacements.

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