St Johns PCC 2018-04-25 draft Minutes

The Rev Andy Wolton (chairman), the Rev Nic Stuchfield, Jill Stuchfield, Angela Bolam, Julia Kinsey, Viv Wills-Crisp, Jack Hague, Christine Williams, Sue Potter, Katherine Dunnett, Mark Dunnett, Mark Stancombe-Duhm, Fran Cotton, Roger Mills, Stephen Hart, Adrian Kinsey, Carol Cotton, Geoffrey Bolt, Tony Gibbs

  1. Opening Worship Mark Stancombe-Duhm read a passage from Ephesians 4.
  2. Apologies for absence
    Tom Boswell, Shirley Thomas
  3. To agree ways of conducting shorter meetings
    Suggestions were put forward that could shorten the PCC meetings.
    It was agreed to try to time items for debate. If the debate goes longer than anticipated, it would be stopped and members would be appointed to bring it back to the next meeting. The standing committee would set agendas to discuss priority items early in meetings.
    Approximately six meetings a year could be scheduled and where necessary because of urgent matters in between an extraordinary meeting could be convened.
    All reports should be in writing circulated at least one week before the meeting so that members get time to read the report and a note at the end of the report would state what needs to be discussed/actioned.  Quarterly exception reporting should be adopted by church-wardens/treasurers.
    If efficiency is improved then future meetings could be cancelled.
  4. PCC trustees to receive verbal report from chair of At the Crossroads management committee
    Jill reported concerning changing the Crossroads status from A1 to A3.  It was agreed that even though the Crossroads was not making any significant changes it should be seen to be above board and seek appropriate A3 status.  Mark Stancombe-Duhm suggested that informing the Town Council would help with our proposal.  Stephen Hart informed the committee that we could apply for Notification of Prior Approval which would give an indication of what the outcome of the application would be.
    Proposal: To instruct the Management Committee to take action to regularise the position of At the Crossroads via Stephen Hart.
    Proposed by Andy Wolton, Seconded by Tony Gibbs, Abstention Stephen Hart, Approved.
  5. To Correct and accept minutes of meeting of PCC on 12 March 2018
    Accepted by PCC Committee and signed by Andy Wolton. A copy would be sent to Adrian Kinsey for the website.
  6. To discuss matters arising from minutes of PCC meetings on 19 February and 12 March
    1. Use of the Church Building
      At the moment it is difficult for Sheila Hague to see whether the church building is booked when she accepts bookings for the hall and there needs to be more communication.  Sheila was willing to also take bookings for the church building and will hold the diary, an online diary is also needed to enable Nic and Andy to make bookings.  Adrian will set up a google calendar and Sheila, Nic and Andy will have access.
      Proposal: Sheila accept bookings for the hall and for the church as long as they are in line with guidelines set by the PCC and double check if needed.
      Proposed by Tony Gibbs, seconded by Nic Stuchfield, Accepted.
      The  PCC gives their thanks and appreciation to Shiela for continuing to do this task.
      Proposal: For Church events the PCC would co-ordinate fellow members on a rota basis to help with the set up and clearing away of the church. Any non-church events should be cleared away by the individuals booking the building.
      Proposed Geoffrey, Seconded Katherine Dunnett – Accepted.
      The cost of renting out the church hall and church needs to be decided. Nic thought it should be a higher cost for the church as opposed to the church hall.  Perhaps if it is a charity then they would be charged less.  There should be a discretion to waive the fee.  This will be sent to the standing committee.
      Tony enquired about booking the church for SaxFest on 26th July.  They require the church building and hall for a concert.  Also how much should they be charged?  The SaxFest committee need an answer soon so they can book the entertainment.
      The church is available on 26 July 2018.
      Proposal: The church be let to SaxFest on 26 July on a profit share of 50/50
      Proposed Andy, Seconded Mark Stancombe-Duhm, Approved.
    2. Policies
      Fran has agreed to take on the task of co-ordinating policies such that they are reviewed at PCC meetings across the year. Fran will take on the policy of retention documents.  Everyone else should take up one policy.
    3. Website
      PCC members have familiarised themselves with the website and everyone was pleased with the information it contains. Thanks went to Adrian for the work.
    4. CAP
      Proposal. That the PCC ratify the Standing Committee conclusion that there are enough funds to cover the costs of training Kirsty Christmas as CAP Rural Debt Centre Manager (£3,600 + subsistence) and that Kirsty can book for July training.
      Proposed Nic Stuchfield, Seconded Katherine Dunnett, Approved.
    5. Parish Giving Scheme
      This was deferred to the Treasurers.  More transparency is needed.  Perhaps this could be adopted at a later stage.  The Treasurers would like to have further talks concerning this.
      Proposal: that we do not adopt the Parish Giving Scheme at the moment as it does not currently meet our needs.
      Proposed: Katherine Dunnett, Seconded Mark Dunnett, Accepted.
    6. Swift boxes
      This matter is with the Churchwardens to ensure that any necessary permissions are obtained concerning the swift boxes already installed.
    7. Data Compliance Regulations
      Fran stated that not all regulational details are likely to be complete by the deadline.  However, Fran would write a policy, conduct an audit of who does what and circulate consent forms in time.
  7. Safeguarding
    Julia Kinsey gave an update of rolling out the safeguarding training (see attached at end of these minutes).  The training has changed significantly from previous years.  Everyone on the PCC must complete the ‘C0’ training on-line.  Craig Hutton, the Diocesan Training Officer, will be setting up face-to-face group sessions for those who don’t have a computer.  The Church Shop volunteers must also complete specific training as they may be working with vulnerable people.  The deadline for training is the end of July.  Julia has asked that any questions be directed back to her and that the PCC members give Julia their full support in this task.  We cannot oblige volunteers to undergo the training but training is highly recommended because it helps protect the volunteers as well.
  8. PCC Health and Safety policy requires that the subject be on the agenda on every PCC meeting
  9. To note or act on PCC Correspondence
    Nic Stuchfield reported that he had received a letter from Grundisburgh PCC, with a cheue for £400 to be used to help fund our Christians Against Poverty project.  He had replied expressing our gratitude for their generosity.
  10. To receive Church Wardens’ Report
    Adrian read out an email from Rob concerning the ongoing work going on in the church hall.  There was also a reminder to remember to switch off heaters.
  11. Treasurer’s Report
    Mark presented the Treasurer’s Report.  There was still a significant sum in the reordering account which has been set aside lightweight chairs.
    Proposal: We have enough chairs in church now and should seek to amend the faculty such that the money could be freed up for other appropriate work.
    Proposed Andy Wolton, Seconded Mark Stancombe-Duhm, Approved.
    The costs of Kirsty Christmas are covered to end of June 2019. Nic recommended that we do not combine the CAP Debt Centre Manager and Youth and Community Worker budgets as those are separate matters, both in expenditure and in fundraising.
    Standing Committee have given approval of £100 grant towards the Transition booklet for those leaving Saxmundham Primary School this year. This would be charged to the St John’s running costs and outreach budget.
    The Holiday Club income has broken even although there are few more costs outstanding.
    Katherine and Mark would like to pass on their thanks to Phil Peeling for his spreadsheet from holiday club.  It was of immense use to them.
  12. Other business Notified to Chairman In Advance
    1. Review of Microsoft Office 365 Home Licenses.
      It was agreed that it is better to have 5 licenses rather than one.
      Proposal: To purchase Microsoft Office 365 Home License  for up to 5 machines at a cost of £79.99 split equally between St John’s and Connections.
      Proposed Nic Stuchfield, seconded Tony Gibbs, Approved.
    2. Roger Mills expressed concerns of himself and Tom Boswell regarding the selection of charities at the APCM.  Roger felt that the charities chosen do not uphold the Christian ethos. He felt concerned that the Dykema and Jack family were no longer supported by St John’s. Nic noted that St John’s fully supported the families in prayer as noted in the Weekly news sheet. Roger was concerned that it had already been decided before the APCM that the Dykema and Jack families would not be supported.  This was not the case as everyone was given a choice of who they wanted to support at the meeting.  The chosen charities cannot be changed this year, but, in future, attention would be given to the Christian ethos of nominated charities. Geoffrey suggested that we commence planning those early, perhaps even at the next meeting. This will be put onto the agenda for next month.
    3. Sue Potter informed everyone that the Lottery Fund representative had attended the church and was very pleased with the work which had been done.
    4. The PCC would like to thank everyone concerned for tending to the roses and garden around the church. It is very much appreciated.
    5. The PCC would like to thank everyone for their hard work during Holiday Club.
  13. Date of next PCC Meeting
    The next PCC meeting was planned for Thursday 24 May at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. Note: Geoffrey has since asked that an alternative be considered as that date coincides with a Filling Station meeting.

The meeting closed with prayers at 9.30pm

Attachment: Safeguarding report from Julia Kinsey

  • Focus initially has been on getting holiday club leaders & lay elders to complete training. So far 75% of holiday club helpers completed C0 & C1 before or during holiday club. And 80% of lay elders have completed C0, with 2 elders already completed C3.
  • New posters are up in all churches. I will put a safeguarding pack together for Connections. And I will get a poster for our church hall.
  • I have spoken with Craig Hutton (Diocesan training advisor) who is willing to do a face to face group training session for C0 (basic training level), for those people who require training but don’t have access to a computer. Date to be arranged.
  • I have agreed to meet with Sheila Hague to sort out a safeguarding form to be given to all hirers of the church hall.
  • I intend to contact Diana Nichols regarding training for the pastoral visitors. I am waiting to hear back from the diocese as to whether this team will be required to have a DBS check.
  • I will talk with the shop management committee about encouraging the shop volunteers who work alongside ‘adults at risk’ to complete C2
  • All PCC members need to complete C0, those with other roles may need to complete other training modules as well.
  • I would appreciate support from all PCC, so if anyone has any Q’s direct them to me. Please be supportive of training.
  • NB one church in our diocese has set a deadline by which all volunteers will have completed or arranged training. If not done by deadline, they will no longer be eligible to do their role in church!!!!
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