Suffolk Coastal Rural Debt Centre

We are setting up a Rural Debt Centre for the East Suffolk area. Its initial coverage will be the IP postcode areas 12, 13 and 15 to 19.

The Rural Debt Centre will be based in Saxmundham and managed by Kirsty Christmas, the Youth and Community worker for St John’s Church in the town. Its operating base will be the church shop (“At the Crossroads”) on Sax High Street. Kirsty is a full-time employee of the church and 40% of her time is allocated to CAP.

Kirsty has already been trained as a CAP money coach and her formal training as Debt Centre Manager will happen during the next month. Kirsty’s costs have been met through a mixture of St John’s PCC donations and separate fund-raising for this project.

A Rural Debt Centre under CAP is allocated up to two new cases per month once running (end July), so as to ensure quality service and focus on a manageable number of clients. Becoming debt-free can often take 2 or 3 years (or more) and CAP and its Debt Centres support the household throughout this process.

This case load therefore requires volunteers to act as befrienders to come alongside the clients (with Kirsty) and given the large catchment area, we are keen to recruit befrienders from across the churches of East Suffolk.

We also seek prayer support – formally and informally.

Please publicise the initiative within your churches, inviting those interested to know more to send their details to Kirsty or Nic: and for more information, please contact either of us at: or  

Debt dependency is a hidden problem:
there is more of it than you realise!

See also Christians Against Poverty


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