Hello, Lay Elders. Herein lies the material Andy provided for us when we recently met at the rectory… just in case you have lost mislaid the CD, or if you want to access it from your iPad or tablet… as Moses did, those many years ago.



The Common Worship publication relevant to rites along the way

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Christian Initation

.pdf documents for you to view/download:- CI p 357 end matter CI p 314 commentary CI p 310 rules & authorization CI p 227 recon & restore CI p 181 rites of affirmation CI p 166 supplementary texts CI p 150 seasonal provisions CI p 132 holy baptism and confirmation in a vigil service CI

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Common Worship

.pdf documents for you to view/download:- from web – Additional Eucharistic prayers CW book p 776 canticles 774-end CW book p 375 Collects and Post Communions CW book p 268 Suppl Texts and Seasonal (496) CW book p 155 HC (381) CW book p 19 SOW, MP and EP on Sunday, NP

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New Patterns of Worship

.pdf documents for you to view/download:- New Patterns p 316 sample services New Patterns p 59 – resources A to J New Patterns p 1 notes

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Times and Seasons

.pdf documents for you to view/download:- T&S p 645 endmatter T&S p 594 Agricultural Year T&S p 536 All Saints to Advent T&S p 504 Trinity to All Saints T&S p 426 Easter Season T&S p 323 The Easter liturgy T&S p 258 Pashiontide and HW T&S p 210 Lent T&S p 118 Epiphany T&S...

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The pdf files temporarily stored on the St.John’s website are intended only to facilitate ease-of-access to those materials by St.John’s parishoners [primarily Lay Elders] who have some responsibility for devising or delivering a Service of Worship.

No infringement of Copyright is intended.

The pdf files uploaded have previously been available from various CofE webpages, and although no longer available in this format, the material therein is still accessible via the internet. Please see below a sample of the materials readily available. All of this can be “cut and pasted” as required… indeed some of the pages even have a “Copy to Clipboard” button to make this really easy.


Common Worship

Times and Seasons



New Patterns for Worship

The Liturgical Year


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