… have you ticked the boxes?

In order to comply with new data protection regulations, we are required to obtain specific consent to continue keeping and using your name and contact details as we have always done.

This includes using the Church directory and all our other contact lists.

If you would still like to be part of church communications please complete a consent form, filling in your name, email and phone number, and ticking all the boxes underneath which you would like to opt in to. We hope that everyone will still want to be on our church contact lists but you may want to opt out of being in photos or receiving information from the diocese in which case please leave those boxes blank.

If you don’t already have a copy of the consent form you get one from the church shop or you can use this link to print off the form …and our Data Privacy Policy is available there.

To avoid any legal errors, we are using documentation supplied by the diocese and will be trying to follow their advice throughout.

Please sign and date the form and hand it in at the church shop, or you can hand it to any member of the PCC who, in turn, will pass it on to Fran Raven, the St.Johns GDPR officer.

We need to complete this process quite quickly so that our records are in order by 25th of this month

Many thanks for your help with this process.

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